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IPT (End Closures)




End closures from IPT are developed and produced to fulfil the highest requirements with respect to handling and quality. The results are easy-to-mount, extremely durable end closures that reliably seal the test sample.

IPT end closures for pipes are manufactured with noncorrosive materials and fit regardless of the sample wall thickness. All are available in standard and customised diameters and dimensions, with or without an inner tension rod.

Quix end closure

Quix end closure (Model no. 1732, 1733, 1735, 1736)

Easy assembly and disassembly, reliable and safe, no special assembly tool required, unique rolling ring method, no chamfering of the test sample necessary .

End closures

End closures (Model no. 1684)

For PE, PP, PVC pipes with diameter 280 to 1000 mm (other dimensions upon request).

End closures with tie rod

End closures with tie rod (Model no. 1685)

End closures for plastic pipes with sliding socket joint up to 1200 mm.

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